Bintan Mangrove, Nirwana Beach and Travelling Around Lagoi, Bintan Island


On our second day travelling at Tanjung Pinang, we chose to playing around at Lagoi Beach and rent a car with the driver. Tanjung Pinang and Lagoi distance was quite far. Luckily, we had a very informative driver. He also good at driving in high speed without made us uncomfortable. We got another benefit despite a driver from him, a tourist guide. We felt asleep when the driver drove the car in super high speed, thanks God, he was not kidnapped us.

The driver told us if it would be better for us to bring our lunch by ourselves before arrived at Nirwana beach. Because the food price at the resort is super expensive. He dropped us at a big canteen with various choices of food in Lagoi residents. There were many Javanese food that I really craving for, but I chose a local food because I thought it would be difficult to find that kind of food again in another place. We also bought some snacks and mineral water.

There are many beaches in Lagoi area. But we could visit only one beach as Indoensian. The beach was Nirwana Beach, one of Bakrie Group's resort. Another beaches were private resort. Only resort guest that spend the night there that could entrance. 

Lagoi resort was very green and well maintained. Poorly the local residence more believe into Singapore than local goverment which was not really care about the originality of the forest in Bintan Island. When we enter the super big Lagoi Resort, we could see neat trees with good maintenance in our left and right. The forest in Bintan was being less and less every year because the development program by government, was not paying attention to the nature balance. The road in Lagoi was also very good.

Bintan Mangrove

Before arrived at the beach, we went to Bintan Mangroove. We were looking around the place and then walked into Lagoi Market. After taking many photos we went away without buying anything, hihi. The beach was waiting for us! Can't wait!

Nirwana Beach

The driver had to leave his identity card to got entrance number from the security when we entered the Nirwana Beach Resort. We could entrance for free. The beach was amazingly clean, the driver told me that it always cleaned by tractor every evening to make the sands keep tidy, wowwww.....

We enjoy the beach and ate together there with our new family, our driver, hihihi, a romantic lunch in beautiful Beach. May be I wanna honeymoon there someday :p

It was raining for minutes but the weather getting better after that.

Visiting Otak-Otak Village

Satisfied with the beach, we headed back to Tanjung Pinang but stopping by at a village that famous with the traditional recipe of Otak-Otak. I am craving for the otak-otak while editing this post. Sluuurrrp...Tanjung Pinang's Otak-Otak is the most delicious!

Fyi, otak-otak is a local food covered by coconut's leaf . It's containing fish or squid with extra hot flavour, the special recipe in that village was way more delicious than another one in other places. It only cost Rp500, super cheap but yummy and containing high protein :D

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