#EF2 Wildest Dream


Today is my first time joining BEF (Blog English Club) challenge. I hope this post will be as interesting as my usual post in Bahasa Indonesia. 
My wildest dream is I wanna be a full time traveler because I really love travelling. Experience a new place with it's own culture and meet many new people always interesting although kinda awkward at the first time. I wish I can stay wherever I want with my family without worrying about the money. I think my dream is easy for any people, but quite difficult for me as a public officer with so many rules I have to deal with. 

The most important part of the dream is about financial freedom. Money does matter for this dream. If I want to reach financial freedom I have to work hard on mantaining my investation at many things such as portofolio or property. I knew it will take many years. But I already found the shortcut way in my mind. Being a success writer is one of a kind. My own definition about success writer is a person who already published one or many books that loved by many people. So the writer get royalty of the book as a passive income. While on vacation a writer can write articles about travelling or about anything for the media and also can write another book. I knew some travel writer already done that. Sounds fun! So I  have to diligently practice and improve my writing skill here, ups. I hope I really have writing skill.

Travelling without thinking about the money to eat and pay many needs for tomorrow is the real freedom for me, absolutely the wildest dream :p

Although I can't make the dream come true but I think I still can live aboard and experience many new things while studying public policy someday. Ameeen....

If you interested to join this club you can read here. This club is very enjoyable and challenging to improve my english writing skill. ^^

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  1. I am a public officer also, sometime, retired and do what I want ismy wildest dream :)

    1. May be that is the wildest dream of every young public officer, hihi... Thx for your comment Ina, nice to meet you here ;)


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