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Friday is coming, I can feel the smell of the weekend in the air. Take a long and deep breath if you are in such a hectic day just like me and laugh away. Let's finish our English Friday challenge from Blog English Club. This week's theme is ALTER EGO.

According to many description about alter ego, I agreed with Cicero, he described it as "a second self, a trusted friend." Why I called alter ego as a second self and a trusted friend? Because I experience myself. 

I always have a really complicated thing on my mind, I almost think about anything that's not really important to me. I have difficulty to focus only at a thing, I always want to do another thing while doing an activity. I easily insecure and too much thinking about the homeless and scavenger people. I want to do something if I saw them, and luckily I could join some social and charity activity that already gave them a little help. The activity good enough to lower my guilt.

I exercised running since 2013, from 2 to 5 km each run, regularly once or twice a week. I want to combat the complicated thing on my mind with sport activities. When I moved to Bintaro, in this twenty something age, I forced to join a basketball team (at that time I never played basketball since 2006), versus another seven teams consist of eighteen y.o. girls. Luckily, my team, which the age of all members was also already in twenty something, got the second prized. LOL. I wonder why my basketball skill was better than when I played in high school. I thought it caused by my running exercise and my consciousness about myself. I was curious why my sport activity most of the time full of energy and I was very good in it, but in another time I feel like I was very weak.

In another case, I was very happy if I asked by my friends to join any organisation because I like interacting with many people, but in another time I feel bored and just want to be alone spend the time in my room, only reading, blog-walking or listening my favourite songs. Pretty confusing right?

My confusion ended when one day I joined the aura reading for career. The aura reader is a young woman, she is an indigo child who certified as a career consultant, she graduated from Phsycology. She told me that I have two auras. Its green and yellow. Most people in this world only have one aura. But a few people can have two, three or maximal four colours of the aura. 

The green represents the social side of me. The reason why  I love to mingle with everyone, I like talking with whoever people who I am with and easily begin a conversation to the most silent person in my every class, I like to join charity event and volunteered to social event. The green love adventure so much, always excited to learn many new things. That's why I love travelling. I think I joined BEC easily because this part of me. From an MBTI test I detected as the marketer, who love recommending and talking about something. Most people will know this side of me.

The yellow aura usually appears from a writer, painter or other artist. It represents about creativity. This color isn't matched with my current study and my latest job as a government employee. The consultant said that there are too many ideas on my mind in a second, she told me to write about the thing in my mind to help me focus. Since I really love writing, I was happy when she asked me to do it. In fact,  it's not easy to manage writing regularly because the green one always busy, dragging me into a social event, meeting people, doing so many tasks and joining many groups. Sometimes I don't have a spare time to talk to myself and write. If I didn't have a relax time for a long period I'll be anxious and my allergies appear.

My consultant suggested me to stay at home one or two days each week to give "me time" for the yellow, which is another part of me that want to be alone and reading many interesting books that can answer plenty question on my mind, yeah most of them are philosophy books. She told me that the two colors of my aura isn't a bipolar personality, it's a two way of thinking in me that I have to keep the balance to be a best friend of mine. 

Actually, at first I don't want to share about this to strange people who read my blog. But I think it will be useful to another person who have a matter similar to mine. I also think that this topic is very suitable to the BEC challenge's theme for this week.

But, if I have a chance to choose, I wanna be a person that has a secret identity. A person that looks like an ordinary person, but actually also a professional private spy just like a character in the "Kingsman" movie. Private spy is a spy organisation that doesn't work for the government and free from political and economic influence. Justice is really a matter all over the world, so I think we need a private professional spy to finish many important missions to keep the world peace and safe. Why I am not choosing to be a super hero? Because most of super hero is coming from a rich family just like Batman and Iron Man. They can produce many technology to support their heroic activities. Since I am from an ordinary family so I chose to be a spy because it's depend on our own capability to pass the test. Spy also works in a team so it's good for my green aura. Hahaha. So, If I am chosen to be the next Lancelot, I only need to change my glasses frame colour from this brown one to the black one. The glasses is used for communicating with other Lancelot. And here is my photo that represents my imagination :p

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