EF#7 Choose Which Waves to Surf


Good morning bloggers,
English Fiday is coming, yeaaay, and I am late again, huu :p

This week's theme for English Friday is Snap and Tell a Story. You can read here on BEC's blog for more info. Rather than snap a new photo, I prefer to choose my old photo. The photo was taken in 2012 when I lived in Padang.

Padang is populer from the beach. After office hour, I usually walk to the beach with my friends to see the sunset. This routine could reduce our stress from work and recharged our energy to work again later. I was very grateful that the office located near the beach, the distance only 500 meters. We could enjoy young coconut water, enjoying the sound of the waves and feel the calm of sunset. One by one all of the burden relieved from those three luxurious things with cheap price, only need to pay for the coconut water.

That afternoon I got a good caught, a good waves photo. Here it is. :)

I think I love the beach because it's waves. The waves show me how strong it is. Run into the rock and back again to the ocean. The waves never tired to reach the rock at the waterfront of the beach. No matter that the rock always stays in its position, never moved once, the waves always come again and again. Without we know, actually the waves already scrape the rock any millimeters that we can't see through our eyes. Yeah, we have to work a little bit harder and put a little bit effort for something we want to achieve, something worth it. Try again if we failed and keep the spirit. Be better and stronger, learn from our fault.

From @sophienavita's instagram, I am inspired by her caption about the waves. They say the feeling is pretty much like waves. You can't choose which one comes at you, but you sure as hell can choose which one you want to surf! 

So, let's learn how to be a good surfer ;)

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10 komentar

  1. Woohooo... I love the last quote, Nia. It feels like I am surfing already *I mean surfing on my life, of course, not on the waves. Hahahaha.... Nice post :)

    1. Let's enjoy the waves Mba *gejolak kehidupan* aiiih :P

  2. ah, it will be interesting able to see sunset everyday...so, let me call you Cah Senja.. :)

    1. Yes, it is Mas. Very relaxing and a precious thing for me at that time :D

  3. Waves...
    Since working for a tsunami project, I see waves differently Nia. Unlike other who is calmed by the waves, I feel a bit afraid, thinking of what kind of wave could kill hundred of thousands of lives...

    1. That's why I write that we can't choose which one come to us, but we can choose to figure it. Hope the disaster alarm is working to prevent the dangerous waves as tsunami. I had live at Padang for 3 years and the tsunami haunted me too Mba.. Huhu

  4. Replies
    1. I am glad the other person also love the waves just like me. Thank you for stopping by to my blog Mba :)

  5. Replies
    1. Iya kebetulan waktu itu ombaknya lagi bagus ;)


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