EF#15 Let's Just Play


The Theme's in the 15th week's of English Friday is about Children Games Now and Then. You can read about the challenge at BEC's blog. When I read about the challenge, I remembered many games that I played with my neighbourhood's friends when I was younger. 
Most of the games that played by children at that time were an active games and held at outdoor. Their toys usually made by themselves with a really cheap price. My favourite games was hide and seek. I couldn't forget the excitement while I was hiding from my friends. I also felt very curious when I got the chance for seeking my friends. The way a child interact with other children just happened naturally because they lived in the same environment. 

Children nowadays didn't play at outdoor as much as the previous generation did. Most of their games were artificial, made by the factory. Sometimes they didn't know another child in the same cluster in their neighborhood because they rarely interact with their neighbour. They played individual games, playing with their own toys and game console. If they were lucky enough having a good parents, they would play accompanied by their parents.
I wouldn't blame the technology. I think human must responsible with their own habit. In my opinion, the main reason of the children's habitual change was caused by the transformation of human habit. Human life getting easier because of the technology, inflicted less interaction. Children's motoric could be stunted if they never move their physical. Parental guidance was the key to kept the children playing actively and interacting with their peer. They could learning, cooperating and laughing together with a real friends. 

If the parents didn't know who were their neighbours, their children would be the same. If a child really likes playing with a gadget or an online games, I though it caused by their parents. They often busy with their gadget and permitted their child to play the virtual games. Yeah, the big responsibility was at the parents hand. I didn't mean to blame the parents, but I only want to share my opinion. 

I write this for my own reminder in the future. Any parents nowadays were money oriented. They want to prepared the best for their children future but they forget to spent the time playing with the kids. I hope every child feels loved enough by their parents. 

If we weren't a creative person that could provide many creative games for the kids, the artificial playground was also good to be optimized. We could bring the children to the nearest park to interact with other kids from the same neighborhood. If they already had some friends, they could play together. Meeting with other children outside of school could create a good responsibility about how to get along with peers. Kidzania or sekolah alam was also a good choice. 
Transformation always occurs in line with the demands and current needs. Let's adapt to the situation, do not blame anything. Be the generation that provides solutions for the problems. Make our environment becomes more fun playground for children.Let's just play with the kids :D

What is your opinion about the topic? Please tell me and be my grammar nazi :)

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4 komentar

  1. Saya baru aja mau klik komen. Ada notif komen saya sudah muncul. Hahaha.

    GN ya mbak:

    the big responsibility was at the parents hand. Menurut saya harusnya sih "is" karena sampai sekarang pun juga msh menjadi tanggung jawab mereka kan?


    1. Kemarin sewaktu saya nulis dalam bentuk past, ketika bagian Bukittinggi is located blablabla dikoreksi Mba Yo diminta pakai was Mas, biar koheren. Jd ini saya bikin was jg deh ;p

  2. Allow me to humbly correct your writing. :)

    "I think human must responsible with their own habit."
    Setelah must semestinya "be" sebab modal mesti diikuti oleh Verb bare infinitive. Dan responsible semestinya diikuti bound prep "for."

    "They could learning, cooperating and laughing together with a real friends."
    Setelah could seharusnya Vbi, could learn, cooperate, laugh..

    Biasanya untuk hal-hal yang berbau kebiasaan atau fakta-fakta ilmiah memakai tenses present.

    And to make your composition more casual as if you were a native, try using idioms and expressions.... and complex conjunction.

    Nice writing, anyway!

    1. Thank you for the correction. Yeah I admit that I lack at idioms and expressions because I rarely reading and wathcing movie in English :)


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