EF #17 A Civil Engineer Wannabe That Accidentally Being A Taxman


I already forgot about my childhood dream because I easily changed my future goal while I still a kid. But, I remembered that I want to be a working woman just like my mother. A working woman had her own job and salary, so she could be an independent person. The independence of a working woman in Java would be still obliged with her faith as a woman. Preparing breakfast and daily needs for the family were the examples of her obligation. In addition, the working woman could stand on her own to finance herself and her children if something undesirable happened to the householder. 

I also remembered that years ago, I ever dreamed about being a civil engineer. The idea came up simply because I often got motorcycle accident when I still a student. The road in my hometown was in poor quality. The road was bumpy and there were many holes. I thought it caused by the wrong spending on state government grant.

I really hate the scar after the accident. The scar inspired me to be an expert in asphalt and concrete. After became a qualified civil engineer, I want to work for my local government. I want to take a part in controlling the road construction. Luckily, before graduated from Senior High School, I already accepted to enter Sebelas Maret University in Surakarta or known as Solo without test in civil engineering major. At that time I thought I already a step forward to make my dream come true.
After a month in the university, I got the announcement that I also accepted at State College of Accountancy in Bintaro, South Tangerang. I was really confused to decide which one to choose. From many long discussions with my parents and many people, I decided to move my study because of the free tuition and I would be immediately appointed to be a public officer after graduated from the college. Furthermore, I thought my choice would reduce my parents' education budget.

I took property tax major in the college, so it was still relating with many subjects in civil engineering. I had to passed the minimal grade point in each semester to avoid dropped out from the college. After graduates from the college, I assigned as a public officer candidate in Directorate General of Taxes and that was the story begin.

Although I couldn't contribute in building a good road in my hometown, I still could give a little contribution to managing tax revenue, which it will be distributed to every province and regency in Indonesia, include my hometown. Some people are living their dreams, but any other one must be grateful with what they got. God knows the best thing for each one of us. So, I want to learn to be an expert in my current job.

This post is my submission for Blog English Club, the theme is about Future Goals Now and Then.

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  1. Hi Tax Lady. Hehehehe.
    I was thinking to apply to STAN also before but cancelled. Hehehe.

    1. Kenapa ga jadi Mas? Padahal Mas Ryan kan bisa jadi senior aku... (drama)
      Aku bingung nulis judulnya Mas taxman istilah yang bener apa nggak ya. Mohon dikoreksi klo ada salah2 grammar Mas, biasanya Mas Ryan lebih teliti :D

  2. Lebih milih sekolah yg gratis...hahaha dulu juga aku mikirnya begitu :D


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