When I was a kid my mom told me that my happiness depend on myself, my own point of view. Pardon my bad tenses.

As I am growing older, that sentence really useful to make me being a good person, at least for myself.

I am not angry, but i annoyed so i wanna speak up about this.

Every one of us want to be happy, dont want to suffer, but i has just found that any people enjoying their suffer and really wanna make other people as sad as them on facing their problem. They wanna screw up other as their brokenheart. They think they are right in their point of view. But they dont wanna take a look to another window. They think as if everyone always life happily ever after,so they act as have to ruin other people happiness equal to their sadness.

They showed up their sadness and anger, as if anybody else never been there.

Despite all of it, they blamed another people on their happiness, they mad at the people as if another people have to responsible of their own happiness.

What is their happiness? Their expectation how the other people treat them. They blamed the person who didnt act as they want to. And they became mad and angry because of their disappoinment.

Oh c'mon for me, i have to focus beautify my heart, so I will never be distracted to these thing anymore.

Everyone of us has their own suffering time, but they want to wake up without blaming others, especially when the problem is your own high ecpectation, they called their inner peace, thats why they can bloom like a lotus in the mud.

We cant control how others think and do, but we can mantain the way we think. The way you think and act is your own responsibility. What do you think as your sacrisfice is your own responsibility, the path you choose by your own mind and heart.

The worst lie in this world is lie to yourself. Once you lie to yourself, you lie to a whole world.

Beautify your mind, not only your outer look. Make up your heart not only your face.

Forgive yourself before blaming other person. Yeah forgive yourself is your need list in number 1.

Saya jadi ingat satu hadits Rasul: barangsiapa tidak bisa mensyukuri nikmat yang sedikit maka ia tidak bisa mensyukuri nikmat yang banyak. Barang siapa tidak bersyukur kepada sesama manusia maka ia tidak dapat bersyukur kepada Allah.

~Saya yang kembali sok tahu dan bossy pada suatu pagi.

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