EF#4 I Want To Grab Mood Orchestra!


Hi everyone. Apologize, I've been late writing this post. This week's challenge is about Doraemon's tools. You can read about the challenge here. I think everyone already knows about Doraemon since the TV program already airing many years ago. This will be a short post because I have many things to do. 

As mentioned in the title, I want to grab Mood Orchestra from Doraemon's pocket because it can change people's mood. As a human we always think about anything. Our mood can be up and down, from happy became sad or at reverse. Since other device is about material technology, this gadget is used to change something immaterial, our moods.

From http://doraemon.mangawiki.org/, Mood Orchestra is a robot orchestra set that will play a song to turn your mood and emotion. Can play various music for all kinds of mood. We can buy a plane ticket or any other transportation ticket if we want to go somewhere. But to change our mood and emotions, the technology have not been discovered yet, have it?

Do you want to change your mood easily? Go grab this tool from Doraemon's pocket! :D

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6 komentar

  1. Yes, i want have one pliisss.... :p

    Bener gak si englishnya hehehhe


    1. Thank you for stopping by to this blog Mba Winda. Go grab it from Doraemon's pocket and say to him just like Nobita always does "Please help Doraemon!" Hihihii

  2. Wahhh jadi dg alat ini org yang denger bisa seneng atau sedih tergantung lagunya ya mba?

    1. Iya Mba kira2 begitu fungsinya mood orchestra :D
      Seru ya kalau lagi sedih gitu ga usah susah2 tinggal nyalain musik doang biar jd seneng :p

  3. Replies
    1. Nanti kalau udah dapat satu kukirim ke Siak ya Mbaa :D


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