When We Were Visiting Bangka Island


Last April 2011 after playing around Palembang city, we continued our journey to Bangka Island.
We took jetfoil from Boombaru, the harbour of Palembang, to Muntok (or Mentok in google earth). Our main destination was Belitung Island, so we have to continued the journey from Muntok to Pangkal Balam Harbour, another Bangka's harbour. It took  3 hours from Muntok, located in Pangkal Pinang, the Capital City of Bangka. These are some photos that represented our exitement on that journey :p
Waiting room at Boombaru Harbour

Look at the condition how we passed those people to enter the jetfoil xD
Inside The Jetfoil
Muntok, Bangka Island
Bangka is a beautiful island, it was so hot there. Bangka hotter than Padang. I thougt Padang is the  hottest city in Sumatera. The sun shines soooo bright... But it makes all the scenery in Bangka looked more awesome.
The Coach that carried us from Muntok to Pangkal Balam
We were enjoying our road trip, looked at the traditional home's of Bangka, plenty palm oil plantation and the activity of Bangka people along the street.
Arrived in Pangkal Balam, the jetfoil to Belitung already waited us. We didn't have any time to relax. We had to continue the next journey from Bangka to Belitung. It took 5 hours, arghhh. Luckily the scenery was super awesome, the sky and the sea were so blue.. And the jetfoil was too cold, brrr... I was freezing.

Long story short, this part of the post about our journey back from Belitung. Back to Pangkal Balam and our journey around Pangkal Pinang City.
In front of Pangkal Balam Passsanger Harbour
The famous Mie Koba in town
You have to try those Mie Koba, originally from Koba, the name of a district in Bangka if you visit Bangka Island. The noodles was homemade, served with egg and sweet sauce, yummyyy..

Iam sorry i forgot take the pict of Mie Koba because i was stomachace, and those mie koba saved me from hunger since I couldn't eat anything from the day before. We travel around Pangkal Pinang, it was the largest city in Bangka. We finished the journey only in a hour. 

The most beautiful beach in Bangka is Parai, you have to visit the beach if you come to Bangka. I didn't have enough time to went there because I prefer to spend the time in Belitung Island, especially snorkling at Lengkuas Island. I would share my excitement on both places on my next post.

See you :D

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