I Heart Wonder Girls


There are so many korean girl bands, but i only like Wonder Girls.
First Time i saw their "This Time" video I accidentally in love with them. The anime theme of the video is so cute. The story behind the video is touching and the member of the group looks cool with their each unique personality. They are bold but also cute.

After a long time n they came back with this video, i more n more like them, hahahhaa. They show that they are really "WOnder Girl" to propose their boy, hahahhaa...
Their video is not look like another girlsband video that more show up their beauty n glamorous, dancing with a car or dancing in the large area in a room, most of another video were look just like that..
Wonder Girls is bold n elegant, heheh
In "There are Two Different Tears" their more n more unique, they look like alien! :p

So this is their recent video in Korean Version :

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Love, Nia :)

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