EF#3 Being Addicted to Gadget


As mentioned at englishfriday.wordpress.com, this week's challenge is about how gadget affect our life. To be honest, I am being addicted to gadget, especially with my iPhone. This habit is not good. I didn't really pay attention to people around me while I was busy with my phone. If I am not really tired, I'll checked my phone when notification received. The worst part is I am joining many groups, notification appears in every minute. Recently, I have been very tired to read all the conversation from the groups. I become a silent reader these days. Sometimes I leave my gadget off because I need to relax and have a clear mind free from notification. In this English Friday 3rd Week, I want to share how and why I am being addicted to gadget.

My bad habit about gadget began when I lived alone in Padang years ago. Since I don't have a real person to talk at night, I always check my phone before bed, having a conversation with my family or friends, texting with them and read many social media updates. Unconsciously, that activity makes me a gadget addict. I always hold my phone wherever I go.

When I moved to Bukittinggi, my habit getting worse. My boss has ever complained that he often saw me look at my phone every time. He told me that I was too much wasted my time with the phone and he worried about my job qualities. But I already proved to him that my habit didn't affect my job. In this case I always look at my phone because communication is the key of my latest job, so I have to contact many people every time due to reach my target. In other hand, the people were needed to consult with me about their difficulties with the rules or tax application, that's why I always look a like a phone addict when I was at my late office.

Being a student force me to focus on many things that I have to finished. The notification begin disturbing for me. I prefer reading a book or writing a journal than checking many social media or replying many chats. My phone is not my best friend anymore, since it distract me to focus on something with more advantage for my hobby and my capability.

So, this is a little story about my love-hate relationship with my gadget, especially with my phone since other gadget didn't as attractive as my phone for me. My phone had ever become my best friend when I live alone, and now my phone become my enemy because so many "have to do" things notification haunts me.

How about you? Do you addicted to your gadget too? What kind of gadget is it? If you are not being addited with gadget, how far does gadget affect your life?

The challenge at BEC is getting more interesting. If you wanna join this group, you can check the blog here.  Let's being great together ^^

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4 komentar

  1. Yes, joining many groups in whatsapp will distract us too much :(
    *tapi kalo leave group ketinggalan berita

    1. Indeed Mbak! Currently I try to join the conversation if I have a spare time, already more enjoyed the group conversation for now :D

  2. Iya Mbak, kalok uda masalah notif emang nyebelin banget :(

    1. Bawaanya gatel pengen buka tiap ada notif yang masuk ya Mbak XD


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