EF#8 Hello to Myself


Dear Nia,

I have joined Blog English Club since January. The Club has an English Friday Challenge with a special theme each week. The theme for this week's challenge is to write a letter for a 10 years younger me. Who is she? She is you, the part of me. The challenge quite difficult for me. I am a little bit afraid to think again what I had done 10 years ago. But, I will tell you many important things in the next paragraph.

Dear Nia, I knew that you are a second year high school student now. You must be a busy girl with plenty activity. You are busy playing basketball, joining the nature lover organisation and getting busy with scout activity. I understand that you want to get busy in order to find your true self. Totally different with you when still a diligent junior high school student. Your grades getting worse and you were never getting the best 10 ranks anymore. I will not give you any suggestion about this. Your activities will give many benefits for you in the future. You have a pretty good leadership and confidence, but please don't be arrogant and pay more respect to the older people. 

Looking back at you, I am proud that you are not a person who only care about studying and getting good grades. You can do what you love as long as it make you happy, but please don't leave your responsibility. You have to finish your homework and study hard during the exam. 

You always in such a hurry and careless at your age. I laugh away when I remembered about many silly things you had done in my past. Although you have to figure out any difficult condition, you got plenty experience to make you wiser and more careful. The world is complicated, so simplify your life. Don't be over think, less your worry. Be totally present and you will never regret. ;)

You must have a group of close girlfriends. Be good to the girls, they are all really lovely and nurture you in your journey later. You can learn many things from them. Especially about studying, because you didn't really pay attention about studying anymore since the first grade of senior high school, LOL. The girls will still be your best friends until 10 years later, they are very kindly, aren't they? ;)

I can't tell you any further about you in the future. Please be happy no matter what happen to you. You have the right to be happy. Enjoy the happiness on your journey, not only on your destination. You will never know God's plan, maybe your direction is wrong and God put another way that you think it isn't your destination. The important thing isn't about what happen to you, but about how you handle your problem and make a decision. Be passionate at what you do, be braver and wiser. I love you to the moon and back, I'll never want to choose to be anyone else if I am given a chance to choose. 

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Dearest reader, you can read more information about the challenge here, let's join us XD

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4 komentar

  1. it's always nice to have best friends and growing up together with them really is something. Thank you for sharing your story Mbak Nia. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by to my blog Mas Dani. Yeay my blog visited by the famous blogger :D
      Couldn't agree more Mas, I am grateful that I have close friends to share about everything while we are growing from teenager to be adult ;)

  2. aarkk,,,paling suka baca2 surat beginian pakai bahasa inggris. apapun itu, always be happy ya mbak^^

    1. Hehe, ayo ikut BEC Mba biar bisa nulis2 surat ginian, kalau nggak karena challenge mah aku ga bakalan cerita, hahahaa.... Iya bener Mba, dont worry be happy ya katanya :D


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