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It's been a while since my last English Friday submission. My apologize for not being able to post article regularly. But, this week's challenge: holiday and a picture, is fascinating and reminds me to my postponed holiday planning.

Years ago, I gradually made a journey to South East Asia or East Asia once or twice a year. But after my last trip on May 2014, I have never made such a trip again. Deep in my heart, I really miss travelling aboard.
This picture reminds me to my postponed holiday planning
Actually I've already planned a journey last April. I wanna go to Japan to see cherry blossom for my college graduation celebration. I really love Japan with it's spirituallity. I wanna made a sacred solo journey. I thought that kind of journey was pretty good to nurture my inner life.  But, suddenly I have to get back to work faster than I expected.

My cubicle at the office is amazingly freezing. It remind me to Run for Love,  a Chinese Movie about 5 touching love stories. One of the story located in Japan starred by Zhang Ziyi and Eddie Peng. The background story was in Otaru, a little city near Sapporo. The city was super cold every winter and it always covered with the thick snow. So, this movie reminds me to my Japan trip planning.
What so lovable about Otaru is that beautiful canal with the Victorian style-street lamps. I love vintage style, that's why the canal looked very romantic to me. I want to visit the canal at night and climb the mountain around Otaru at noon. If I have more spare time, I could visit the beach because Otaru is located on the coast of the sea of Japan. It has many beautiful beaches I though I do love mountain and beach for years, and snow is a new thing that I want to feel and experience of it is. Talking about these things already made me full of spirit to take1 a journey to Otaru. But, I think it would be better if I visit Otaru at summer next year because I couldn't resist a low temperature. 

So, that is my story about a picture that remind me to Holiday. If you want to join the English Friday Challenge simply click to EF16.11 CHALLENGE: HOLIDAY + A PICTURE. See you later on another post about journey at :)

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11 komentar

  1. Yes, from the picture Otaru looks more like a city in Europe :D
    Well, hopefully you could make your dream holiday in Japan come true!

  2. This is the very first time I read about Otaru. Beautiful! What I dream to visit from Japan is Hokkaido. Wish that you can make it there soon very near in the future!

    1. Amiin. If you make it to Sapporo, you should come to Otaru Mas. Only 25 minutes driving from Sapporo. :D

  3. baru kali ini denger Otaru tapi bagus banget yaa

  4. I do want to travel to Japan. Its city, culture, people and food are very interesting combination. Wish the cost of living was cheaper, hahaha. *wiiiiish*

    1. Trip bareng ke Jepang sekalian apa kitaah :p *banyak wacana*

    2. Wacanain aja dulu. It's part of a dream, nyahahahaha..

    3. Siip. Pankapan ke Jepang bareng yak. Amiin :D


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